Warmboard Subfloor

Warmboard Radiant Subfloor

Warmboard ® is a whole-home floor radiant heating solution that lowers the cost of heating your home while making you more comfortable than other radiant floor systems.

The lower operating cost is a result of our industry-leading high conductivity. Warmboard requires lower water temperatures than all other radiant systems and therefore saves you more, year after year, in operating costs.

Our greater comfort is a result of our low mass, in combination with our high conductivity. Warmboard responds faster and more accurately to changing heat loads, when compared to other radiant systems. Warmboard responds quickly to the fluctuating heating needs of your home, which means constant comfort.

The high efficiency of Warmboard ensures compatibility with any type of floor covering. It works great with hardwood, tile, stone and carpet. Ample heat is delivered even through the plushest carpeting; tile and stone can be set over it, and hardwood can be nailed directly to it. No compromise is necessary on your floor covering selections.

Warmboard is the only radiant heat panel that is also a structural subfloor. The same labor that would normally be required for the subfloor now simultaneously installs your heating system. Easy to follow panel and tubing layouts are supplied for every project, ensuring a smooth process.

Simple installation, faster response times and no restrictions on floor coverings all add up to higher performance and efficiency. Warmboard is simply smarter radiant heat.

Consider the benefits of energy independence in home heating with a Warmboard radiant floor heating system supplied by solar energy.